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Welcome to Aurora Dance Studio 

​Aurora Dance offers quality dance training for all dancers.


At Aurora Dance we believe in the power of movement, expression, and creativity, we nurture the connection between body and soul, and we create a professional and fun learning environment specifically designed for young dancers.

Through our classes, students will be given the opportunity to improve fine-motor and physical skills such as coordination, body awareness, stamina, and balance, whilst also allowing for creative expression and movement development.  We encourage students to learn at their own pace in a welcoming and inclusive environment. All children are invited to participate in our classes regardless of their confidence, skill level, or gender.  

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" - Martha Graham 

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2/25 Illinois Drive, Rolleston

Upcoming Events

Term 2 2022

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Parent Feedback

"Thank you again so much (and to the girls) for offering such a warm welcome - it’s made such a positive impact on her."

- Aimee Poole

"Sophie is very committed I am really proud. Thank you for all the opportunities you give and create for her."

- Leigh Tunley

"You have included Kiara in everything and made her feel like one of the girls. You have given her opportunities that others denied her"

- Angela Milner

"Shannon it’s all credit to you! The kids seem to be thriving and we have not one regret of moving Isla to Aurora!!"

- Stacey Holcroft

"Karlia LOVES Jazz so much, it's awesome watching her practice at home. Thank you so much for all you do!"

- Jennifer Sullivan

"What a beautiful bunch of students you have, on and off stage. The positive, inclusive and encouraging tribe are the perfect reflection of your teaching and the culture you have created"

- Kate Hawes