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Creating our space

We have been busy over the last few weeks starting to create our new dance space. Aurora Dance is a small community based dance school and we want our studio to reflect this, so we are working very hard to make a cosy and comfortable space for all dancers!

The entrance to our space includes a comfortable space to sit and put on your dance shoes, cubbies for your bag and all of your belongings to stay safe, an office/reception area, a studio notice board etc.

Our studio has a varnished wooden floor, full length mirrors and a double height 7 metre length barre. We are equipped with yoga mats, large and small exercise balls, yoga blocks and resistance bands for stretch and conditioning portions of our dance classes. This equipment is also used for Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) a syllabus often used to teach basic technique elements alongside the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus.

Although the NZ Lockdown has halted our progress we are still busy at home working, planning, creating and of course dancing! Stay tuned for updates on what we are up to at home and we look forward to meeting you all soon (when its safe to do so, of course!) We welcome you to the Aurora Dance family

Stay safe


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