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Play, dance, sing.✨Holiday program ✨

PDS Moana Week 13th - 16th July 2021

In the holidays I was fortunate enough to take part in a musical theatre holiday course run by Nickie and Shannon. These holiday courses help your child socialise and gain confidence in the three aspects of musical theatre: singing, dancing, and acting. The holiday courses spread across three days. On the third day there is usually a performance ( which is themed) this performance showcases everything you have learnt throughout your time at the program. This time the holiday program had the theme of Moana! We performed the song where you are from Moana the movie and included singing, dancing and acting to go with it.

You can not do a musical theatre course without the drama games ( we played a lot of those.) Everyone loves the drama games as you get to express yourself and have a laugh with friends. We got to have awesome costumes and Amy even brung her hair crimper which made us look amazing. We were so lucky that on one of the days it was Harrison’s birthday so we got a beautiful chocolate cake to celebrate. When it came for the performance everyone was really nervous but super excited at the same time I guess we were all nervicited ( nervous and excited) but once we stepped out there it was amazing and we produced an incredible performance. Everyone was really sad the performance was finished but the next day we went to see Moana Jr at the court theatre. It was outstanding but my friend Sophie and I will talk about that in the next bit!!!!

The Field trip ✨Holiday program✨

At 10:00 o’clock everyone arrived at the studio to go to the court theatre to watch Moana jr. but before we left we got to play some awesome games like Lift, categories and much more. It was kind of like team building in a way. Before we left we got to try some “Taro Root”. It was a root vegetable they have in the islands and it was very tasty. Then we boarded the bus and sat with our partners so we didn't get lost. After 21 minutes on the bus we did a count check, this to make sure we all made it to the theatre.

Olivia and I made a vlog for memories to make sure we never forget the amazing time we had. Once we arrived at the theatre we were able to get snacks yay! After our quick snack break we got seated in the theatre and waited for the show to start. As the lights dimmed we knew something amazing was gonna happen, the show was about to start.

The show was about 45 minutes long and it consisted of fun, adventure and a fantastic story. Once the show was over we headed back to the studio for a pizza party and we got to make a mini performance in a group which gave a lot of laughs. Once it was time to go home everyone was sad but they can’t wait for the next play, dance, sing!

A special thank you to Nickie

( Play drama workshops) and Shannon

( Aurora dance studio) without them this would not have been able to happen, thank you so much!!!

Written by Olivia Skelton and Sophie Tunley

PDS - Harri McDermott, Mila Furniss, Elsie Blyth, Tate Satherly-Shea, Eden Colville, Harper Colville, Olivia Skelton, Ben Skelton, Sammy Voyce, Georgia May Stokes, Evie Campbell, Maddie Winfield, Paige Leyland, Izzy Richman, Tavia Edney

Field Trip - Harri McDermott, Mila Furniss, Elsie Blyth, Olivia Skelton, Ben Skelton, Sammy Voyce, Georgia May Stokes, Addison Curry, Georgia Daly, Emily Calvert, Shylyn Macdonald, Reuben Lobb, Alistar Lobb, Evie Campbell, Maddie Winfield, Indie Stevens, Izabella Wood, Sophie Tunley, Ruby Hawthorne, Leila Hawthorne, Tavia Edney, Tate Satherly-Shea, Nickie, Shannon and Beth

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